【JAPAN Limited Color】


Mizuno Wave Lightning Z4 


This lightweight high-performance shoe is technically unrivalled – providing the world’s best players the ultimate performance on court. The dynamic-cushioned, 360° ‘no-sew’ design combines the perfect fit with a balanced and stable feel. The DynamotionFit upper and D-Flex Groove allow for quick transfer of weight and electric acceleration on court. Faster than lightning.


【Japan Limited Color】Mizuno Wave Lightning Z4

  • Features and benefits
    - Perfectly engineered 360°seamless upper follows your foot anatomy for an unrivalled fi t
    - Exceptional impact cushioning and improved forefoot landing while being lightweight
    - DynamotionFit upper and D-Flex Groove allow fast-paced, multi-directional play while transferring weight for amazing acceleration on court. 

  • V1GA1800

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