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About us


We are a company located in central Tokyo, bridging Japan and the world through volleyball. 

Together, we are pleased to contribute our part to the volleyball movement from the capitol city.

If you are ever in Tokyo and want to play some volleyball with the locals, we are the ones to contact. 

Can't wait to connect with you to grow volleyball worldwide! 


1-7-8, 4F, Taito, Taito-ku

Tokyo, JAPAN 110-0016

Tel: +81 338360424

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Our team

Hiroshi Hiyama

A founder of OHCA Volleyball Club & School established in 2011.  The organization runs volleyball private lessons throughout Japan and has more than 3000 members as of February 2018.  

Sachiko Miyake

A globe hopper with work and volleyball experience in countries across three continents.  Experience abroad to share the love for volleyball with many other players from diverse backgrounds gives her a passion to connect the world via the sport :) 

Shota Katagiri

Experienced professional volleyball coach from OHCA Volleyball Club & School living in the Big Apple!  He will start volleyball private lesson in Japanese in NYC where you can train Volleyball and Japanese at the same time.. ;)  

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 Traveling to Japan?

Play volleyball with Locals 

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